Inspired Fashion Reports from Asia

15 February 2011

Sabina Swims

Discovered a lovely shop in Hong Kong selling swimwear, resort and yoga clothing.  Designer Sabina Wong, whom has a background in fine arts & painting whilst studying in Los Angeles, started the line in 2003 frustrated at the lack of swimsuit options that fit her body shape.  She designs her own prints, which is apparent in her unique, whimsical and chic designs.  I am in particular fond of the cuts of her full body suits, as they are sexy yet sophisticated, a rarity as most suits over emphasize cliched prints, use of faux jewelry and less than flattering cuts.  I now need to go somewhere Eres suits from 3 years ago, well, seem a bit out dated.  Her new collection will be on her website shortly, prices are reasonable...$150.00 USD for the black full boy and you can mix and match tops and bottoms, suitable for your body type with loads of prints and colors to choose from.


Joyce Lau said...

I tried on her keyhole-cutout one-piece and it made my fat squish out the holes in the side. So, maybe it's not for everyone. But you are much thinner than I.
Her mix-and-match bikini parts are brilliant though. There are women who are bigger on top, smaller on top, etc. So it really works.
I bought two black bikinis from her, God, way more than 5 years ago. And except for a shell ornament thing that cracked (entirely my own fault) they have stood up to the test of time.

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